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Merchandise Description

Product data

Merchandise content: HT200

Suited for: mechanical lathes

Merchandise introduction: the rewards of pulley push: pulley drive can ease the influence of load Pulley generate running effortlessly, minimal sound, low vibration The framework of the pulley generate is simple and effortless to modify. Pulley transmission for pulley manufacturing and set up precision is not as strict as meshing transmission The pulley transmission has the purpose of overload defense The adjustment selection of center length amongst two shafts of pulley transmission is huge. The drawbacks of belt generate are: pulley drive elastic sliding and skid, reduced transmission efficiency and can not preserve accurate transmission ratio When the pulley transmission transmits the exact same large circumferential force, the contour measurement and the force on the shaft are more substantial than that of the meshing transmission. Pulley push belt has shorter existence

Solution title: pulley

Variety dimension: CZPT designs (can be CZPT ized)

Materials: forged iron/cast metal /(can be CZPT ized)

Regular kind: national common

Relevant machine: CNC lathe


Pulley, belongs to the wheel hub class parts, generally relative dimensions is fairly large, the production method is typically cast, forging. The basic measurement of the greater design for the casting method, the substance is usually cast iron (casting performance is excellent), seldom forged steel (steel casting performance is not great) Typically modest dimension, can be designed for forging, the content is metal

The simple information

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Application discipline



Transmit CZPT

Production needs

Pulley content and manufacturing needs

one. The belt pulley used for the ventilator is manufactured of grey cast iron HT200,HT250, and so on. (but steel, copper, aluminum, etc., can also be utilised according to CZPT er requirements).

two. The pulley need to meet up with: mild excess weight, uniform mass distribution, remove the internal anxiety made in the manufacturing, pulley ought to be static balance correction.

The belt specification

The requirements of the triangle belt are divided by the dimension of the back again width (leading width) and the top (thick). In accordance to the distinct dimensions of the back again width (leading width) and the top (thick), the national regular gives the O, A, B, C, D, E and other models of the triangle belt. The part width, prime width and peak of every single sort of the triangle belt are not the same. So the pulley must be manufactured in accordance to the form of the triangle belt a variety of groove These various slots. It establishes the pulley O pulley, A pulley, B pulley, C pulley, D pulley, E pulley and other types of pulley.

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China Hot Sale European Standard SPA Spb Spc Spz Cast Iron Taper V Belt Pulley with Taper Bush with ce certificate top quality Good price