China Cylinder Boring Machine (BM150 B150) with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Cylinder CZPT ng CZPT (BM150 B150)


This equipment is largely used for restore small-center sized engine blocks and head    
Layout by Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.n CZPT , easy to operation    
six shift speed change from gear transmission box steer clear of the torque lose    
Cutter pouch spindle and the spindle holder, supply substantial correct and efficiency.    
Centralized lubricate program guarantee the CZPT lifestyle for the equipment use and effortless for maintenance    
multi-option of equipment, boring, milling, drilling and reaming are all CZPT . As effectively as motor-cycle blocks.    

 Standard Accessories        
universal adaptor for milling cutter head and bush        
spindle 52mm ( Φ50-Φ125mm)        
spindel 60mm ( Φ60-Φ160mm)        
milling cutter head Φ300mm        
toolholder & dull cutters        
measuring device        
universal cylinder fixture        
Optional Accessories        
boring spindle 30mm ( Φ31-Φ54mm)                
bush with No.3 morse taper                                
inner micrometer                                                 
cutter grinder                                                      
motorcylce cylinder fixture                                  
Common cylinder head fixture                             
thirty degree and forty five diploma V-fixture for boring               
30 diploma and 45 degree V-fixture for dull & milling         

Ep Gear’s worm gears use proper-angle (90°) non-intersecting shafts to give an effective solution for energy transmission purposes demanding higher reduction ratios in confined areas. When appropriately used, worm gears supply the smoothest and quietest kind of transmission. Given that the performance of a worm drive is dependent on the direct angle and the amount of stars on the worm – given that effectiveness is always the objective, this ratio should be stored as reduced as possible. To function effectively, the worm and worm gear utilised with each other must have the identical diameter, pitch and thread.
China Cylinder Boring Machine (BM150 B150) with ce certificate top quality Good price