China Ceramic Sic Taper Lining Silicon Carbide Hydrocyclone Liner with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Item Description:

Silicon carbide bushing is a new kind of substantial-tech dress in-resistant material in the planet. It utilizes ≥95% silicon carbide as the major uncooked materials, adds water, other inorganic substances, and binders to sort a slurry, and is a composite large use-resistant item manufactured by sintering at a substantial temperature of 1700°C. The dress in resistance in useful programs is equivalent to 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 occasions that of higher-chromium forged iron.

Technical Parameters:

Check Data
Item Device Data
Max temperature of software ºC 1380
Density g/cm³ ≥3.02
Open up porosity % <0.1
Bending strength Mpa 250(20ºC)
Mpa 250(20ºC)
Modulus of elasticity Gpa 330(20ºC)
Gpa 300(1200ºC)
Thermal conductivity W/m.k forty five(1200ºC)
Coefficient of thermal enlargement K¯1×10¯6 4.5
Rigidity   13
Acid alkaline-proof   Superb

Product features:

one.The CZPT ceramic lining has high power, higher hardness, and outstanding dress in and corrosion resistance. Its Rockwell hardness is 91 and CZPT hardness is 2115.
2.Very good put on resistance, CZPT services lifestyle, its dress in resistance is equivalent to 266 times that of manganese metal and 171.5 instances that of large chromium forged iron.
3.Extensive usability, utilized to CZPT wear-resistant industries.
four.Different procedures, like bonding, inlay, socketing and other procedures.
five.The blend of ceramic and substrate is agency and clean, with good temperature resistance (-50°C to 1350°C).
six.The surface of silicon carbide ceramics is flat, which can avoid scaling and dust accumulation.
7. CZPT -cost overall performance and simple production procedure.
8.Easy to install.

Silicon Carbide VS Alumina:

Silicon carbide ceramics not only has outstanding standard temperature mechanical houses, these kinds of as substantial bending power, outstanding oxidation resistance, very good corrosion resistance, high use resistance and low friction coefficient but also higher-temperature mechanical houses (toughness, creep resistance) is the ideal known ceramic materials. Sizzling pressing sintering, pressureless sintering, and sizzling isostatic pressing sintered materials, their substantial-temperature power can be maintained up to 1600 ºC, is the very best high-temperature strength of ceramic supplies. The oxidation resistance is also the very best amongst all CZPT -oxide ceramics. Alias emery.

Alumina ceramics is a ceramic content with alumina (Al2O3) as the primary human body, employed for thick film built-in circuits. Alumina ceramics have great conductivity, mechanical toughness and high-temperature resistance. The dress in life of silicon carbide ceramics is more than ten occasions that of traditional metal bushings and alumina bushings.

Comparison of dress in resistance of silicon carbide bushings

Sandblasting comparison check (SiC sand)
Material Quantity reduction
97% alumina tube .0571
Silicon carbide bushing .0571

Silicon Carbide VS Steel:

In numerous mines and mining procedures, the technique of powder producing, ash slag, dust elimination, and slag conveying, the equipment is consistently impacted by the friction, corrosion, collision, effect and other factors of the medium throughout the operation of the equipment. The earliest use-resistant substance that can be employed in big portions is largely wear-resistant metal, use-resistant solid iron and other steel materials. Following that, the latest silicon carbide lined pipe appeared, which is exceptional to other wear-resistant materials in conditions of put on resistance, corrosion resistance, practicability, and economic system.

Comparison of dress in resistance of silicon carbide bushings

Comparison take a look at of 30% SiO2 mud scouring
Substance Volume decline
forty five # steel twenty five
Silicon carbide bushing three

Comparison desk of other actual physical and mechanical homes of silicon carbide bushings and metal pipes in the mining sector

Substance Strength
Crushing strength
Surface area high quality Ceramic layer density
Compressive shear strength
Resistance to mechanical shock Thermal shock resistance
Metal pipe 149 411
Silicon carbide bushing 1100-1400 300-350 Smooth three.eighty five-3.9 fifteen-20 15 900

Yet another characteristic of silicon carbide bushings used in mines is modest functioning resistance loss. Soon after screening the resistance attributes of powder, slag, and ash, the outcomes are as follows:

Material Absolute roughness(△) Absolute roughness(△/D) Clearwater resistance coefficient
Hydraulic conveying Pneumatic conveying Hydraulic conveying Pneumatic conveying
Normal steel pipe .119 .20 7.935×104 one.343×103 .195
Ceramic-composite pipe .117 .195 seven.935×104 1.343×103 .0193

Sector software:

Silicon carbide bushings are widely utilized in mining, ore crushing, screening, and transportation of higher-use and large-corrosive fluids. They are primarily utilized in copper mines, gold mines, iron ore, nickel mines and other CZPT -ferrous metal mining tools, use as a bushing, engage in a role of substantial dress in resistance. Mine filling, ore focus and tailings transportation result in severe wear to the pipeline. The provider daily life of the ore powder transportation pipeline utilised in the past is considerably less than 1 12 months, and the services daily life of the silicon carbide bushing can be drastically improved.

Item CZPT :

We have two packaging methods, a single is plywood box packaging, and the other is pure strong wood packaging. The pure reliable wooden packaging box will be certified for fumigation. We will select the right packaging box according to the solution.

The inside of of the packing box is stuffed with foam. Usually, other companies use 2cm foam, but we pick 3cm foam and resolve it with chain riveting. The outdoors is normally wrapped with packing tape to make sure the safety of solution transportation.

Dress in-resistant Product Recommendation:

Mining Market Expertise:

Choice requirements for silicon carbide lined pipes:
In accordance to the mother nature of the conveyed components and the various media circumstances, it is important to decide on items suited for their personal working situations. When picking use-resistant components, you should very first decide your own operating circumstances, including the hardness of the conveying material, particle measurement, circulation fee, conveying volume, conveying medium, and so forth., and then pick the proper wall thickness silicon carbide wear-resistant material in accordance to the particular circumstance.


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Q: Are you a trading company or a company?
A: We are a company.

Q: Can you provide technological help?
A: Yes, we can offer complex assist, and we can also give door-to-doorway services for orders with a worth of more than 1 million US dollars.

Q: Do you supply samples? Is it free?
A: We can give samples. For typical merchandise, samples are cost-free. CZPT ized samples want to be compensated. Buyers need to have to bear the worldwide express charge.

Q: How CZPT is the supply time?
A: The stocked products are normally 3-7 times, or the generation time is 25-50 days, nevertheless, the certain time wants to be based on the purchase amount and generation scheduling scenario.

Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: Established according to the certain predicament, if there is inventory, there is no restrict.

Q: How to solve the quality problems?
A: If the product is inconsistent with the presented samples or top quality difficulties happen, CZPT firm will be accountable for compensation based mostly on ample proof.

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China Ceramic Sic Taper Lining Silicon Carbide Hydrocyclone Liner with ce certificate top quality Good price